Kylo Snow
Kylo Snow

Here's Kylo Snow, Lord Commander of the Night Troopers. He carries with him a cruciform lightsaber housing a dragonglass shard that makes it emit purple-colored blades. Due to the scarcity of resources in the Northern System, Lord Snow remains unable to repair his battle-worn weapon and make the blades stable. Despite this, his advanced combat abilities coupled with the fact that his weapon's hilt is made of Force-infused Valyrian-Cortosis alloy makes him a formidable warrior worthy of his post.

The Night Troopers and the asteroid wall are the only things protecting the rest of the Westeros galaxy from the white walkers- a threat that other systems seem to ignore.

His extreme idealism has earned him the nickname "He-Who-Knows-Nothing". To this, he responds by saying, "I know nothing but The Force."

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